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Svartisen web-shop is an on-line catalog of the products we present in our show-room and keep constantly on stock. The web-shop operates only on the territory of Ukraine with delivery at every part of the country. If you want to purchase our products with overseas delivery please send us a private message via e-mail info@svartisen.com.ua

Приятные подарки

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Приятные подарки
Cтатуэтка в виде совы Architectmade Owl large natural

2 457 грн

Настольная лампа &Tradition Flowerpot VP3 - White

9 148 грн

Настольная лампа Design House Stockholm Block lamp Anniversary

6 796 грн

Часы Trace Wall Clock

7 076 грн

Кожаный бокс Fritz Hansen Leather box small

8 600 грн

Ваза &Tradition True Colour Vase LP3 colour Green cooper

5 603 грн

Ароматическая свеча Sprekenhus Courage

1 725 грн

Ваза Bottoms Up Vase S

2 970 грн

Стакан Ferm Living Ripple Glasses Smoked Grey

407 грн

Чайник Ment Tekanne Bladgronn

8 209 грн

Плед Elvang Luxury beige

5 972 грн

Настольная лампа Journey table wall lamp SHY1 clay

8 628 грн