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Svartisen web-shop is an on-line catalog of the products we present in our show-room and keep constantly on stock. The web-shop operates only on the territory of Ukraine with delivery at every part of the country. If you want to purchase our products with overseas delivery please send us a private message via e-mail info@svartisen.com.ua


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Арома дерево Bonsai fragrance tree cloud

573 грн

Арома дерево Bonsai fragrance tree blossom

573 грн

Арома сет Bonsai Breeze состоит из арома дерева, керамической вазы и аромата

3 291 грн

Диффузор Skandinavisk HYGGE - 3 мес. ароматизации

2 268 грн

Диффузор Luin spa Diffuser Cosy

1 505 грн

Диффузор Skandinavisk ROSENHAVE - 4 мес. Ароматизации

2 792 грн

Диффузор Skandinavisk HAV - Обновленный аромат - 3 мес. ароматизации

2 268 грн